ONLINE 3 Week Darning Workshop

ONLINE 3 Week Darning Workshop

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Join me for a 3-week live darning workshop via Zoom. This is a good workshop for those who are just getting started with darning, or want to learn how to darn a variety of textiles. 

After each weekly session, you'll have until the next class to work through a project, coming back to class with any questions or difficulties before moving onto the next darning topic. 

The 1st week will focus on materials used, choosing yarn and different ways to darn socks. The 2nd week will focus on sweaters, and mending all of the different parts of a sweater. The 3rd week will cover slightly more advanced techniques like duplicate stitch and repairing snags. 

Feb 8, Feb 15, Feb 22, Tuesdays, 5:30-7:00pm Pacific Time Zone

Week 1: Introduction to Darning and Materials, sock darning methods and considerations. 

Week 2: Sweater Darning, how it differers from sock darning, methods and considerations, choosing yarn and thread

Week 3: Duplicate Stitch, Snags, & Patterns, taking the darning even further, this gives you an opportunity to learn new techniques to refine your darning. 

Once you sign-up, I'll email you with a materials list, and the zoom links for each week of class.