Current Projects/Obsessions:

What started as a simple clothing embellishment project in spring of 2017

embroidered clothing

led me to fixing some blown out jeans

visible mending

and became an idea for DIY patch kits

diy patches

which I created and added to my shop. Then, I wanted to revisit the idea of mending as wearable art, and I haven't been able to stop. I'm smitten. 

visible mending

visible mending

That said, I've still got to pay the bills, and embroidered hankies are where the bulk of my work comes from. Here's a little slide show of custom hankies I've embroidered over the years. Click over to the Custom Embroidery Page for ordering information, or email me directly if you have any questions about my work erin@wrenbirdarts.com. I look forward to hearing from you!