An Embroidered Art Blue Coral Green Sunrise Landscape Hoop Art


Hand embroidered, one of a kind hoop art. This is my version of a sunrise over the hills, creating so many hues in the highlights and shadows. With patchy, fluffy clouds overhead, it feels like a reminder to breathe. And who doesn't need that?

The hillside segments are stitched to orient in different directions, so the hues of the thread will look different throughout the day.

Coral, Green, Cornflowerish, Earthy Brown Hillsides, with the Yellow Sun Rising. Tons of stitches make up each segment of the rolling hills.

Embroidered on natural, unbleached cotton, and displayed in a 5" vintage metal embroidery hoop. Ready to hang, perfect addition to your eclectic sense of art.

I'll ship in 1-2 days of receiving your order.

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