Embroidered RV Hankie by wrenbirdarts
Embroidered RV Hankie by wrenbirdarts
Embroidered RV Hankie by wrenbirdarts
Embroidered RV Hankie by wrenbirdarts
Embroidered RV Hankie by wrenbirdarts

Embroidered RV Hankie by wrenbirdarts

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Wanderlust, road warrior, itchy feet, professional traveler. This is a hanky for that person who doesn't stay put for long, without longing for the road. Or, maybe a retiree who is going to camp outside of their kids' homes in their RV. Hand embroidered on your choice of hankie.

Ships in 1-2 weeks, unless other arrangements are made. Arrives individually packaged. 


Customization choices:

  *Hanky Style: 12” Scalloped Hem, 12” Straight Hem, or men’s traditional Satin Bordered

Seriously Handcrafted

My promise to you is a completely original and created with care handkerchief. Each and every design in my shop is original and hand lettered or hand sketched. Once you place your order, I outline the design directly onto the hanky, then I hand embroider (no machines!) using 100% cotton thread. That’s just the beginning. Once the embroidery is complete, I hand wash the hanky with unscented soap, dry, label, and press each hanky. 

What's so special about hand embroidery? 

Aside from the obvious (hand stitched), there is much to love about hand embroidery. The thread is thicker than machine embroidery thread, so the stitching stands out from the fabric. You can feel the stitching, which allows for more depth to the image. Photography doesn't do it justice at all. Each piece really is a little work of art. So, yes, hand embroidery all the way!

How do I wash my hand embroidered hankie? 

While hand washing is preferred, you can also machine wash on the delicate cycle, and lay flat to dry. Hankies become softer with each wash, and will probably always need to be ironed if you prefer wrinkle free. 

(Hint: if you love pocket squares, the embroidery can be in the top corner, so it peeks out from your pocket)

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