Mend It Birthday Cake Set of 3 Darning Yarn

Mend It Birthday Cake Set of 3 Darning Yarn

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Set of 3 natural fiber, darning yarns, upcycled from reclaimed clothing.

Included in this trio:

-1 card pink purple green color: approx. 12 yards fine weight, bright pink purple green variegated color, merino yarn

-1 card turquoise blue color: approx 10 yards standard weight, gemstone blue solid color, wool yarn

-1 card light peach, blue & pink color: approx 8 yards thick weight, white, peachy pink, blue variegated color, nylon wool yarn

More about these yarns:

Notanotherhat yarns are made from reclaimed items of knitted clothing, sourced locally. The yarns are from quality, natural fibre items that are taken apart and systematically unravelled, and hand dyed using professional, colourfast, Australian dyes. The yarns are wound onto MEND IT cards.

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