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Sashiko Mending Supply Kit
Sashiko Mending Supply Kit

Sashiko Mending Supply Kit

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Have you looked at a thousand different tutorials for sashiko style mending, and now you are ready to jump in? These are the tools that I use in my own practice, and everything you will need to get started, just add fabric and a pair of scissors!  All packaged in a compostable plastic sleeve. 

Included in the starter set:

-sashiko long needles set

-sashiko short needles set

-palm thimble 

-blue sashiko thread 30m

-white sashiko thread 30m

-beeswax (for conditioning thread)

-simple sashiko style mending booklet ( a handy 8 page guide that includes a description of the materials, stitching technique, and basic how-to's to get started in your own practice of sashiko inspired mending. 

-4 water soluble sashiko style patttern transfers (stick on, rinse off. No need for marking pencils and rulers!!)

If you just want some of the supplies, click for the a la carte menu. 

Packaged in compostable plastic. 



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