Patching a Pocket Puncture

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How to Patch a Pocket Puncture with Visible Mending

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What started out as a little peek-a-boo soon shredded into a full-on hole in the pocket of my well loved jeans. 

I cut off the fluffs and straightened out the borders of the rip with a little trimming. Then, I cut a patch of about a quarter inch on each side larger than the tear. 

Finally, pinning the patch in place I started stitching. 

sashiko style mending

I used small running stitches to secure the patch in place over the hole. One thing to note is if you want to have a functional pocket, take care and measure to not sew the pocket to the rear of the jeans, creating a sewn together, unusable part of your back pocket. 

sashiko style visible mending

Cute, right!? 

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